Turn off all electronics & listen

Turn off all electronics & listen

I always wanted to have the TV on and watch cartoons or some show when I was little. I believe many of us were brought up in a TV generation that became an Internet generation that became a cell phone generation. My Mom would say shut off that TV and go and listen. Listen to what in silence we learn to hear the beauty of the world. The wind that carries and speaks our name and gives us breath. The birds that talk to us with their beautiful tongue. We look at so many screens and devices we forget to listen to the beauty of our soul and the beauty that is within. 

Never Slice Towards Yourself

Never Slice Towards Yourself

I always remember my Mother wincing whenever I cut something and slice towards my fingers or myself. I think in some way we all do this we put ourselves in harm's way without even realizing it. We cut towards ourselves and even though it may not cause us pain at that moment the more and more we do it the more we put ourselves at risk. This can be in relationship, at work, at home, or anywhere we encounter the world. We draw in people and situations that have the opportunity to cut us open. I am learning that even though I may not slice myself today it makes much more sense to never put myself in that risky situation.

Never Forget Your Roots

A Daily reflection from my upcoming book

Joy: There’s No Reason Not To
Lessons from Under My Mother’s Roof
by Todd Keough

Never forget your roots.

My Mom always taught me to remember those who came before. In a world that is so fast paced we often forget to reflect on those who came before us. I stand on the shoulders of so many generations of family and ancestors. I have the opportunity to learn and love from these great people. I also have the opportunity to learn from both the good and the bad and to allow the good to penetrate my soul and for the unbecoming or hateful ways of the past to be lessons learned and grow from them and break those patterns. Our roots allow us to be who we are today and teach us about love, life, and strength. In a me first world we often forget how much we all need the we of our past.

Today’s Reflection:

World: Have I forgotten the past and the ones who came before me? How can I use the lessons and love that they brought to inspire the world? What gifts are at my disposal because of those who came before me and how can I bring these gifts to the world? Please reflect, write, and take action.

Self: How can I incorporate my ancestors and relatives into all my functions this day. How can I let the good of the people from my past envelop me and allow me to bring that good to the world? How can I release the fear and negativity of that which is not needed? My roots reach deep within to the soul of my being how can and will I nourish my roots today and take care of all aspects and parts of me? Reflect, write, and take action.

Prayer: Great mystery please allow the roots of my soul to be nourished. May I move towards the beautiful of those who came before me and feel them enriching and enliven my soul. Let today be the start of healing and the continuation of love for my ancestors and for those who will come after. Root me deeply within you and the branches of your love so I may be deeply rooted in myself and love the world with all my being.

Affirmation: Remembering my roots allows me to be fully who I am today without reservation and fear but living in peace and love.