Recovery coaching is a valuable support mechanism to empower individuals in achieving their life goals. I coach people affected by:

Addiction Issues (chemical / behavioral)

Mental Health Challenges (short/long term diagnosis, grief & loss)

Chronic Illness (HIV/Hep C – Newly Dealing/Newly Diagnosed)

I take a very unique approach with each individual assessing their needs and gathering information and helping them deal with any life issue. Coaching can be done in conjunction with formal recovery processes or can be organic to one’s own life path. I have been able to work with and help individuals who have struggled in other traditional practices or groups achieve and maintain their goals. Some of these goals include; sobriety, healthy living, challenges with food, healing from abuse in all its forms, and dealing holistically with illness. 

It is my joy to help people who have struggled find their own light and path in recovery. I believe we are all on the path to recovery, wholeness, and healing and with a coach who listens, understands, and works with your unique situation we can all achieve our own recovery.

Todd has been uniquely helpful in my recovery from addiction issues. Where the “tried and true” traditional methods had given me a decade-long streak of failure, he gave me the guidance to create a new recovery program that emphasized what I had discovered mattered to me. Now I’m invested in a form of recovery that doesn’t feel like work to me, one whose elements attract me at an instinctual level. Now I dance, work out, hold a job, and have healthy sex – and with Todd’s guidance I have learned to view these as foundational to my recovery rather than the rewards I don’t deserve yet. In return, I’m living the happiest time of my adult life, and staying clean is easier than it’s ever been!

— Cooper M.