The shamanic journey begins with your feet buried in earth and hands reaching for the heavens. Through journey work, counseling, and readings together we can locate your path to wellness. I have been trained to work with my ancestors, allies, and spirits, to walk deeply into your world and enter into your being and space and help reconnect you with what has been lost through certain deep and healing practices that have been around for generations.

I offer the following services:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • House Blessings
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Medical Readings
  • Cord Cuttings

One of the things I have especially appreciated about Todd’s work is how open, accepting and gentle it was whilst examining some of the hardest issues of my life. He really led a very amazing journey of looking inside myself, with compassion and yet without holding back. Each week we were processing deep emotions surrounding those things and in a way that was very accessible for a person, like myself, that was really struggling with the concept of a higher power when we started. It took a real, hard and pride-crushing bottom for me to reach out for help in the recovery process and Todd felt safe, yet his method has ever so softly invited and resourced me, spiritually and emotionally, to have tremendous insights that were vital to my recovery and to my life path going forward. Part of this was helping me have the courage to hear my intuition, to face difficult emotions with the knowledge that a loving God of my understanding was not going to abandon me, and to let go of compulsions and very cleverly disguised process addictions that I had used to numb the pain and deny the things I was terrified to address. Somewhere in the process, my uber-scientific mind started to accept and not reject the role of intuition, spiritual gifts, synchronicities and to appreciate the help of higher power(s) that have been here, beside me, all along. With the help of recovery and increasing spirituality nurtured in sessions with Todd, I am coming to a place where I am accepting reality and embracing the blessings all around me, rather than persist in blindness, suffering, self-hate or blaming. I am tremendously grateful and highly value the blessing that it has been to work with Todd.
— Ashley T.