Often in our lonely and disconnected world, it is a rare and special gift to have someone who listens openly and non-judgmentally to you, and who gently re-orients you toward the deeper currents of your life, while offering you questions for further reflection on your life’s meaning. This is what counseling and coaching can offer someone in two different and unique ways. 

People often enter holistic centered counseling at a time when they are trying to discern a new path for their lives, or at times of transition, or when life just seems somehow empty.  All you need in order to benefit from this work is a desire to connect with the deeper currents of your life, with your inner wisdom, and with life itself.

The work that is done is very gentle and caring. The primary task is to create a safe container for you to reflect on your life and the movement of those deeper currents. From that quiet listening place may come questions, suggestions for integrating new practice, reflections on your journey, connection to something beyond self and prayers.

Often, the work we do integrating all aspects of yourself leads to a deeper experience of connection with yourself and with whatever you hold most sacred.

I have experienced Todd as a good listener, willing to ask the right questions at the right time, patient and compassionate, kind, insightful, forgiving, empathic, and healing.
— Kevin Conly