Don't be afraid to sing

A daily reflection from my upcoming book

Joy: There’s No Reason Not To
Lessons from Under My Mother’s Roof
by Todd Keough

I am not the greatest singer in the world but my Mom never put me down for singing. She allowed me to feel that my voice was worthy of song and that my song brought something into the world. I also remember her singing to me and her grandchildren and hearing that warmth radiate from her voice. Singing allows us to really be in touch with a deep and feeling part of ourselves. It can seem scary to sing or feel silly or awkward because we have been taught that only singers sing. Or we were told we were not good at it. Singing however is a deep yearning from our soul. Singing is connected to the heart and gives us a way to lift our voice to the beauty of creation or to the Spirit or Creator we believe in, it is one of the deepest forms of prayer. We all sing when little and do not hesitate. Singing connects us to the childlike energy in our hearts. Which is beautiful and amazing. Sing, sing, sing.

World: Where in the world does my song need to be sung? Who needs to hear my song? What is my song do I know the tune of my heart or the lyrics of my soul? What would they be and how do I bring that out to the world that needs to hear it? Reflect, write, and take action.  

Self: Do I stop myself from singing out of embarrassment or fear? Can I sing my own sweet lullaby to myself and reconnect to the child within? What song is the child deep within me longing to hear? Sing to the inner child and let them feel nourished and loved by the music of your soul. Reflect, write, and take action.

Prayer: The truth of the world who is both song and music listen to me and help me find the song which resonates within my soul and heart. You know me at the very depths of my being let my heartbeat be the drumbeat I need to crawl deep within and hear the child that needs to be held and sung to. Allow me the freedom to use my voice to touch the child within and the adult on the outside. Give me the lyrics that you want me to sing.

Affirmation: This day I will open my mouth, in fact in this very moment, I will open my mouth and I will sing whatever comes out. I will allow my voice to resonate into my soul. I will sing with the part of me that wants to sing out today.