Things are not as important as people

A daily reflection from my upcoming book

Joy: There’s No Reason Not To
Lessons from Under My Mother’s Roof
by Todd Keough

Things are not as important as people. This seems like a very simple concept but for me it is one of the most important. We have a society where we gravitate towards things and the more we have the better off we are. I think at times we forget how valuable people are to our existence. Things can be replaced or destroyed and we still have the people we need in our lives. It has become far too easy to see people as just another cog in a machine that we get something from. In some ways this is not completely our fault with the way we are inundated with so many images that develop that type of thinking. However, people give us the most beautiful things in life; love, companionship, joy, and a family either of blood or love. I must develop a sense of the importance of people and a deep commitment and love for my brothers and sisters. We are all interconnected and through that interconnectedness we can heal, love, care, and do unbelievable things. When we stop relying on things and begin loving and living in the interconnectedness and nourishment of others we truly begin to live a life of purpose.

World: How do I live in this world?  Do I care for people and see them as valuable and above all other things? Do I use things for their purpose or do I worship them? What can I do to help develop a world of interconnectedness? Who can I reach out to today and see them as they truly are? Reflect, write, and take action.  

Self: How can I give up my reliance on things and be connected to the deepness that lies within me and other people? Where in my life do I see myself as connected to others do I give myself credit for the way I love and am there for others? How can I open my heart to the brightness and light of others and not to the shininess of things? Reflect, write, and take action.

Prayer: God please allow me to see people with love and light and to not put things above people. Allow me to know and feel deep within me the interconnectedness of the world and love others with all of my heart and being.

Affirmation: Today I will look for a way to put down things I use as a means of success and sit in silence and reflect on those I am connected to. I will then reach out to those who are important to me either through energy and prayer or by calling and letting them know I love them.