Hug With Your Whole Being

Hug With Your Whole Being

A daily reflection from my upcoming book

Joy: There’s No Reason Not To
Lessons from Under My Mother’s Roof
by Todd Keough

This is something my Mom always did. She stands maybe at five feet. When she hugs though you can feel her whole presence her whole energy and all of her love entering into those arms and really holding you. I am exactly the same way I have had people come to me for hugs for years. Friends and strangers even tell people to come to me for hugs. I really allow the energy of my being to enter my arms and then hold the person I am hugging. It is a true gift. It really is about letting go and being selfless an in that one small moment just hugging with your whole being. It really is something we all need that touch and that feeling of warmth and love. Hugging with your whole being invites people in, allows them freedom, gives them the ability to feel loved and held. People need hugs at so many different times celebration, pain, a break up, saying goodbye, etc. If we give half-hearted hugs we really tell the other person well this is just something I have to do or an obligation. If we hug with our whole being we allow them to know we care. This act transfers to so many areas of our lives. Do I give my all to show love and care or do it half-heartedly? I understand some people fear hugging because it can be seen as weird, scary, or even that men do not do that, or what will they think this means. If you put the intention behind a whole being hug of love and care and beautiful energy they will feel that and it will break down all barriers.  In fact I hug most of my clients as they leave and now if I do not they ask for it.

Who in this world needs a whole being hug today? How can I continually embrace the world with open arms and hold it and love it? Reflect, write, and take action.  

Where is it I need to hug and hold myself with a whole being hug? When was the last time I felt loved and held when someone hugged me? Can I give that to myself How can I get what I need? Reflect, write, and take action.

Beautiful Guide may I feel your presence and arms hugging me. May I be your arms of love in this world and hold this world as you would and as it needs. I pray I hold myself in the same way with love and compassion.

Today I will find one person and I will reach out and I will hug them and hold them with my whole being. I will also allow myself to feel the energy I need as well. One great big compassionate embrace today.