Let The Oven Warm Up

Let The Oven Warm Up

A daily reflection from my upcoming book
Joy: There’s No Reason Not To
Lessons from Under My Mother’s Roof
by Todd Keough

My Mom always had to tell me to allow the oven time to warm up before I would put anything in it. I was always in such a rush that I would want to throw whatever I was cooking in. It made food come out cooked unevenly or not like it was supposed to be. I did not have the patience to use the oven as it was properly intended. I was always in a rush to get whatever it was done faster and faster. The oven, in my mind, always seemed to be taking forever to warm up and even at times was taunting me. This is also how I lived my life. It is also how I think the world works now. We want things done now, we want replies now, we live in such an instantaneous world that we hardly ever slow down to let the oven warm up. When I do it it actually is a grace and blessing to let things get done in the right time. I am able to relax and not be uptight or fraught with anxiety. If I allow a relationship to slowly develop it becomes stronger. If I allow my work or project to develop I am able to concentrate on it and make sure all of the objectives are met. I also have more time for people in my life because I am not rushing from here to there but allowing myself to spend time where I am.


Where in the world or with whom in the world do I need to show a little more patience waiting for the oven to warm up? Where in the world do I act with patience and wait for what I need to be done? Do I give myself credit for that? Reflect, write, and take action.


Where do I need or want to give myself time to warm up and proceed when things are ready? Do I give myself credit for all I do and allow myself not to rush but just move through the world with patience and ease? How can I let go of the fast paced world that affects my being and life? Reflect, write, and take action.


Creator please let me allow the oven to warm up and do things when the time is right and ready. Let me have patience and not give into the hectic and craziness of this fast paced world allowing myself to enjoy and just be.


Today I will slow down and I will wait for the oven of my life to warm up and have the patience to wait for what comes next. I will proceed when the time is right and ready with one action today or with one interaction.