There is Always Enough Food

A Daily reflection from my upcoming book

Joy: There’s No Reason Not To
Lessons from Under My Mother’s Roof
by Todd Keough

It is important to realize that there is always enough food and we do not have to binge ourselves. It is also the case that if we act with respect and dignity toward the earth and all people there is enough food for all of us in this world. This is also true with the other things in our life. We are never satisfied with what we have and do not feel there is enough food, time, experience, or self for others. The truth is if we relax and do our part there will be enough for us and all people.  We can learn to give out of our excess and learn to live in a world where we all give from what we have.

Today’s Reflection:

World: Reflect on one way today that you can ensure that there is enough food for all. Where have you taking more than you need because you are worried about running out? Where have you become selfish or stingy because you believe there is not enough food? In what way can you help this world see and know that there is enough for all people? Look into your heart and see where you have accumulated more than you need and how you can go about providing more food for others. As well look at where you have giving of your time, resources, or self to provide food for others. Take two minutes and write down where you would like to provide more and also where you feel like you are providing the right amount.

Self: Now think of how you do not feed yourself or where you do not give enough to yourself because you think if you take that there will not be enough for someone who comes after you. How do you deny yourself the food you need either figuratively or literally because you do not think you deserve it. Reflect on those moments and in this space write down how you will give yourself the food you need today because you deserve it as well.

Prayer: Please all that is an every was allow us and as a society and a world to realize that you have provided enough resources for all of us to be full. May we embrace the continued notion that we do not need to keep accumulating so that we look better or have more than the other. However, that we can all realize that we are all brothers and sisters who all deserve to be full.

Affirmation: If I live within my means today I create a world where all people including myself have enough and do not need to worry if there is enough food.