Everyone Is Welcome

A Daily reflection from my upcoming book

Joy: There’s No Reason Not To
Lessons from Under My Mother’s Roof
by Todd Keough

I was taught that everyone is welcome. My Mother always told me that my door should be open to all people. I sometimes let my own fears or insecurities not allow me to open the door to all people. I believe that those who may think differently than me or have different opinions than mine should not be welcomed. This is not only to the door of my home but also to the door of my heart. I shut people out who may need me or that I may need. I must fight against my inclinations of fear and embrace all people with love even those who may have differing views than my own.

Today’s Reflection:

World: Where have I not allowed others to fear included because of my own fear and insecurity. What types of people can I not accept? What types of people do I not welcome into my home or heart? Is it people who look different than me? Think differently? Who even may have opposing politic views? Or maybe even people who spew hate? In what ways can I find ways to welcome these people and engage them with love instead of fear? Close your eyes and envision for two minutes and then write down and act upon it.

Self: What aspects of myself have I not embraced today out of fear? What part os myself are unwelcome guests who I do not let enter my house or heart or when they come I ridicule them? Is it the parts that I fear are dark? Or stupid? Or fat Or not talented? How can I welcome those parts into myself  so I can embrace the wholeness of who I am. Reflect for a few minutes on this and write down these thoughts and come up with one way you will embrace yourself more fully today.

Prayer: Oh great healing Spirit that envelopes the world. Please come and soften my heart and allow me to be there for other and welcome them in. Not in a way that hurts or harms me but in a way where I can be the love that society needs. Please help me to not answer fear and hatred with the same but instead with love. Please spread your loving and nurturing spirit around me so I live in love instead of fear.

Affirmation: I am the face of love that this world needs and I will encounter all I meet and see with a welcoming spirit of love and compassion instead of fear.