Always Add a Little More Sugar

A Daily reflection from my upcoming book

Joy: There’s No Reason Not To
Lessons from Under My Mother’s Roof
by Todd Keough

Always Add a Little More Sugar
It never hurts to put a little more sugar in. In life this is also true. If you add a little sugar to your speech and how you interact with others you will make others feel good and bring a little more joy into this world. There is never a reason to add too much sugar or things can end up too sweet. Your sweetness must be genuine if you over do it you act out of a place of trying to please rather than a place of kindness. You never need to please anyone but it never hurts to add a little sugar so you bring joy in both your life and someone else’s.

Today’s reflection:

World: Today think of one action you can do to add a little more sugar to the world. Where have you seen a little sweetness lacking in this world or with those you have interacted with? How can you be the one who brings sweetness into that situation? Is it at work? Home? School? Look into your own self and picture where that sweetness has been lacking. Now take two minutes and write about where you have seen sweetness lacking and how you would like to bring a little sugar into that area today.

Self: Now I want you to think of one area where you have not added sugar in your own life. How have you not been sweet to your self? Where have you been bitter? Is it the way you have spoken to yourself? Is it the way you have treated yourself? Where have you not sprinkled sugar on yourself? How can you add a little sugar into your own being today? Now take two minutes and think or write these down.

Prayer: Today I ask to open myself up and see where I can add a little sugar into this world. Great and Holy Spirit you want me to be kind to others and myself. Help me today to bring a little sugar to all those I encounter and see especially myself. I enter the mystery of this day and ask that I have the willingness to sprinkle sugar and love into the hearts I encounter. I pray that I am not a people pleaser rather that I am true to others and myself. You know where I am needed and how to shake me out best so please allow me to be open to this mystery.

Affirmation: I will be a little bit of sugar in this world today for myself and others allowing my sweetness to flow throughout this world.