Turn off all electronics & listen

A daily reflection from my upcoming book

Joy: There’s No Reason Not To
Lessons from Under My Mother’s Roof
by Todd Keough

I always wanted to have the TV on and watch cartoons or some show when I was little. I believe many of us were brought up in a TV generation that became an Internet generation that became a cell phone generation. My Mom would say shut off that TV and go and listen. Listen to what in silence we learn to hear the beauty of the world. The wind that carries and speaks our name and gives us breath. The birds that talk to us with their beautiful tongue. We look at so many screens and devices we forget to listen to the beauty of our soul and the beauty that is within. 

Today’s Reflection

World: Where is it that I need to look up and out today? Where is it that I need to see the beauty of the world? How can I enter the world with the silence of the heart that can relate to all people? What can I do to help others life their heads up and see into each other eyes and spread more love today? Please reflect, write, and take action

Self: Do I get so consumed by outside noise, devices, and technology that I have forgotten to go with in and listen to the story of my own soul? What do I hear in the silence of my own reflection? How can this silence help me to live at a more authentic and aware level? Allow yourself five minutes today to shut off all outside noises and just listen to the voice of your own soul or heart or even just the wind. What do you hear in that reflection what is it telling you? Reflect, write, and take action

Prayer: You who are everything allow me to hear the voice that is deep within and help others through that voice. You know me and love me deeply and I lift my consciousness to you so, I may become more aware of what I hear. Let my thoughts and life be influenced and nourished by the silence that you breathe into me. May the wind surround the deepest parts of my being and may it breathe into me so I am free.

Affirmation: Turning off outside technology allows me to hear what is deep within and become all that I want to be and be nourished by my own soul. I am enough.