Never Slice Towards Yourself

A daily reflection from my upcoming book

Joy: There’s No Reason Not To
Lessons from Under My Mother’s Roof
by Todd Keough

I always remember my Mother wincing whenever I cut something and slice towards my fingers or myself. I think in some way we all do this we put ourselves in harm's way without even realizing it. We cut towards ourselves and even though it may not cause us pain at that moment the more and more we do it the more we put ourselves at risk. This can be in relationship, at work, at home, or anywhere we encounter the world. We draw in people and situations that have the opportunity to cut us open. I am learning that even though I may not slice myself today it makes much more sense to never put myself in that risky situation.

Today’s Reflection

World: Where do I go through the world slicing towards myself or others? How do I act in this world where I not only put myself at risk but put those around me especially those I care about at risk? Where have I learned to slice away from myself? Which creates safety for others and myself? Not that I do not take risks but that I do not take risks that could harm the world? Please take a two minutes to imagine these places, write on them, and decide what action you will take.

Self: Where do I slice towards myself? Intentionally or unintentionally cutting myself at putting myself at risk to be hurt? Who do I invite into my life that I know has the potential to cut me and cause me pain? Where in my own mind do I think I deserve to cut towards myself instead of away from myself, which releases me from pain and misery? Where do I do a good job of cutting away from myself and allowing myself to live in safety? Please reflect on this for a few minutes and write and see what action you want to take to heal yourself or create safety.

Prayer: Oh Great Mystery please help me to cut away from myself today. I pray that I stop swiping into my life pain and misery that is not needed. Let me walk in the safety of your guidance and love. I pray for all people who wield a knife that causes them pain and slices them apart. May we all begin to live in a world where we no longer need to find ways to cut ourselves? You who know and see all open my eyes to be one with you today

Affirmation: I will turn the knife in the other direction and cut away from myself today. I do not need to cause myself or those around me more anxiety or worry.